I love photography, public policy and women's issues (just to name a few). I'm a hard worker (I worked full-time during both undergrad and law school), and what I don't know I learn quickly. I've worked for elected officials in all three branches of government, and I work well on my own or in a group setting. In addition to my strong policy background, I've run a successful photography business since 2011.

One of my broad goals is to help enable the modern workplace to better reflect the needs and desires of the modern family through public policy, individual private initiatives or both. The modern workplace is still largely structured around the false assumption that only one spouse is working and that the decision for both spouses to work is one of choice rather than economic necessity.

The United States is the only industrialized nation that has not yet implemented policies to ensure the long-term economic well-being of its workforce. Strong families leads to strong companies. Strong companies leads to strong communities. Strong communities leads to a strong national economy that will be well prepared to compete in the global marketplace. It's good business. It's good public policy.

Also, I'm also a huge scifi and fantasy fan which means I completely dork out over things like Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and anything having to do with Time Travel. You've been warned :-)