Women Like Sex. Yes, it's true.

Progressives should embrace female sexuality, not sidestep it. 

Elizabeth Plank brings up an excellent point about the progressive movement's failure to respond directly to a specific type of right-wing attacks on women's access to birth control: that one that paints all women who use it as "sluts" or other variations of the term. 

Problematically, a lot of the Left's response has been in the form of arguments about health or religious freedom. They have mentioned little to nothing about the fact that yes, women have and (God forbid!) enjoy sex. Of course it's necessary to discuss all those implications, but refusing to engage with the sex argument is not only profoundly disingenuous, it ultimately gives the Right more ammunition. 

The loaded stigma surrounding birth control isn't the progressive movement's creation, but it is our responsibility to defeat it. This means addressing attacks to women's sexuality head on rather than merely deferring the attackers points about health and religious freedom that are valid in their own right. Until the Left publicly embraces a woman's right to an active and healthy sexual life, conservatives continue to claim moral victory — women's sexuality is precisely the battleground we have conceded and that we need to reclaim.

She's right. We shouldn't have to justify a woman's right to control her own body with anything other than the argument that a woman has a right to control her own body

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