The Most Undervalued Leadership Traits Of Women

"My experiences have taught me that great women make it a point to teach men about women." 

This article by Glenn Llopis is one of the better ones I've read recently on the specific leadership traits of women. Llopis thinks he has exceptional insight on this issue because he was "surrounded by strong-willed, hardworking and purpose-driven women," and I think he's right.  

They have taught me that a woman’s instincts and emotional intelligence can be off the chart. They seamlessly manage crisis and change and are turnaround experts – sensing and neutralizing any signs of danger well before it invades our path.

What I like most about this piece is that Llopis doesn't slip into stereotypes about female behavior. When discussing female competition, instead of reiterating the concept that women too often feel that there is room for only one woman at the table, he states

Competitiveness amongst themselves may really be about looking for validation — an identity that matters and a voice that is heard.  Successful women leaders don’t rely on favors; they earn respect   and truly believe they can influence their own advancement by serving others.  Consummate team players, they also seek to prove their value and self-worth by exceeding performance expectations..  Looking for respect more than recognition, the most successful women leaders don’t seek to become the star of the show — but they enable others to create a great show.  In other words,   being in the spotlight is not what drives them – but rather it’s the ability to influence positive outcomes with maximum impact.

The underlying theme among all six of the undervalued leadership traits (Opportunity-drive; Strategic; Passionate; Entrepreneurial; Purposeful and Meaningful; and Traditions and Family) is the ability and desire to accomplish a stated goal no matter what. Even if that means getting no credit. That's not to say that women will let others walk all over them.

Women leaders who don’t allow their egos to stand in the way of good business are in the mindset of getting things done for the betterment of a healthier whole.

To illustrate this point, one need look no further than the recent government shutdown that ended thanks to the work and bipartisanship of the female congresswomen. All in all, a great read.