The Men Who Help Fight Back Against Everyday Sexism

Speak up, guys. It matters. 

As someone who reads dozens of articles at day (at least) about sexism and other gender issues, every so often I just get completely burnt out. It's exhausting having to constantly call others out for sexist remarks and behavior. To constantly be that woman. I often feel like I am just preaching to the choir and at this point, to be quite honest, everyone expects me to respond in sexism as I see it.

That being said, I cannot stress enough how big a difference even the slightest bit of support makes when it comes from one of my male peers. It matters a lot. It's one thing for men to roll their eyes and laugh off another one of my feminist rants, but it is quite different when they are called out for the very same behavior by one of their male peers. I have no doubt that they will think twice before committing the sexist act in question again.

The fact is that battling gender inequality isn't about men v women. It's about people against prejudice. And we need everybody on our side. For some men, hearing feminist arguments from their male peers can be an incredibly powerful way of getting the message across – so we need those allies out there spreading the word. We are fighting for a cultural shift in our normalised attitudes and behaviours towards women, and that change can't realistically be achieved without half the population on board. This is not a women's issue, but a human rights issue.

So guys, the next time one of your friends makes that god-awful sexist joke, call them out on it and make sure you do it in front of other men and women. It may not seem like a big deal, but trust me, it matters.