The Ancients II

This is the second photo in my "Ancients" series. The vision of the first photo was that of an Ancient Assyrian goddess, long forgotten by the humans from which she drew her power, wandering the streets of the Middle East. Given the oft-cited belief that immortal power is drawn from mortal faith, I questioned what would become of her. 

Here, we come across her a little while later. Still present but less ethereal, having witnessed the harsh realities of the modern age. Gone is the sadness at having been forgotten by man, woman and child. She no longer mourns their lack of faith, for she is far too busy trying to keep pace with the frenetic world in which she’s found herself. 

She gapes at humanity’s seeming inability to be still. Both man and machine are in a constant state of motion, and she cannot gather her thoughts. Though it is not in her nature, this inability to center has shrouded her in a veil of anxious suspicion from which she is desperately trying to break through. And because she cannot yet be seen, she cannot ask where she might find sanctuary from the unyielding commotion that is modern humanity.