NC school tells boy,9, to leave My Little Pony lunch bag at home

We are so used to hearing about girls and women being blamed for acts of violence against them that we hardly blink at it anymore. Sometimes it takes a complete reversal of gender to see how truly absurd this victim-blaming behavior is. This story is a great example. 

Little Grayson Bruce likes My Little Pony and has a lunch box to prove it. But My Little Pony is for girls (because Heaven forbid we let little boys watch anything that emphasizes healthy emotional relationships). Instead of punishing the kids at school who were bullying him because of something as silly as his lunch box, the school put the onus on Grayson

Noreen told the station Thursday the school asked her son to leave the bag at home because it had become a distraction and was a "trigger for bullying."

That's right, it's Grayson's fault for bringing something to school that would cause otherwise innocent little boys to beat the snot out of him. It's not their fault, really. Grayson was probably swinging that lunch box around in a provocative manner, no doubt trying to "emphasize the bonds of friendship" as those little ponies tend to do.