I Will Never Understand This Bizarre Fear of Public Breastfeeding.

Get over it, already. 

At what point will the collective citizenry stop acting like a bunch of twelve-year old boys whenever a mother needs to breastfeed her child in public?  "Oh noes! Boobies!" Seriously? 

Photo Credit: SunSentinel.com

Photo Credit: SunSentinel.com

A British mother was basically shoved into a room apart from everyone else for feeding her 6-week-old baby at (here's the kicker) a hospital

British mother Gemma Murphy claims that when she went for a routine blood test to St. Cross Hospital in Rugby with her 6-week-old baby last December, the nurse there who took her blood “looked at me in disgust” and “said we couldn’t breastfeed there. I asked why and she said I might offend the other patients.” She was then hustled into a private room, leaving her “speechless” that a health facility would be so flummoxed by a nursing mother. 

Note to everyone: Breasts are not for you. Their entire purpose and reason for existence is to nourish a child. That's it. If you are "offended" by a mother doing exactly what it is she is supposed to do with her breasts, you are the one with the problem. 

Further, women aren't breastfeeding in public to make some sort of political statement (although that too, does happen), they are doing it because that is what they physically need to do. 

Aside from the fact that there is exactly zilch wrong with a woman feeding her baby anyplace she damn well pleases, breast-feeding, for both baby and mother, is a physical need that — especially in the first few weeks — can’t always simply wait for a more convenient time. You can’t just hold it in indefinitely until you’re in the optimum location. It hurts. You start leaking all over your shirt. Oh, yeah, and your baby is howling. You need to know that.

Modern motherhood in the United States is already a crappy and penalizing experience for women as it is. It's time for everyone to grow up. 

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