Corporate America Has Discovered Feminism

We've seen quite a few ads recently featuring women and/or girls with very clear feminist overtones. Some have been more successful than others, and while I think some send better messages than others, the fact is that corporate America is helping to create awareness of issues that feminists have been trying to get into the mainstream for years. 

Most recent is Always's new #LikeAGirl ad. I've written before about the the fact that a girl's self-esteem plummets around the age of nine. This new ad does an excellent job of visualizing how truly sad this really is. 

Verizon Wants More Women in STEM in their new #InspireHerMind ad. A common explanation for the lack of women in STEM fields is that young women and girls just aren't as interested as the boys. Period. This new ad from Verizon takes this explanation a step further and asks: "Whose fault is that?"

Pantene has two ads in their #ShineStrong campaign. The most recent wants you to have spectacular hair, and don't you dare apologize for it. And while you're at it, don't apologize for anything else either. #SorryNotSorry  This follows their first ad that aired in the Phillipines illustrating the double standards used against women in the workplace.